Austrian CuisineYou love international food? You visited Austria? You plan to visit Austria? You have ancestors from Austria? You would like to know with what food our – Austrian born – Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was raised with? You would like to know what food our – Austrian born – celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, enjoyed in his childhood? You plan to stay at a vacation rental, would like to enjoy an excellent dinner without going out to eat?

There are many reasons to eat Austrian cuisine. Austrian cuisine is similar to German cuisine, but with other, even exotic countries’ culinary elements lingering from the days of the old Empire and therefore even more delicious!

Please enjoy the music:
“An der schönen blauen Donau” by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss Sr.
Austrian CuisineWhat I can do for you.....

Enhance your quality of life:

Even everyday life can be made more enchanting by the good and loving preparation of food, because “good food gives you positive energy” 🙂

Create more time for you:
In our age of haste, it is a relief for you to hire me as your Personal Chef, because I am practicing the leisurely arts (good home-cooking) of bygone days……. and you will not have to stand in line in grocery stores, you will not have to cook and you will not have to clean up afterwards 🙂

Help you entertain your guests:
Have me create the meals for you when you have guests and they will reflect the pleasure of something beautiful to look at and delicious to taste 🙂

These are the three most important things I can do for you…..
…..and further more:
I will come to your home or vacation rental and prepare delicious meals for you and for your guests while you relax when you have a dinner party…and/or…
I will come and prepare delicious, healthy meals customized to your taste and, if you wish, we can arrange homecooked meals for you to enjoy on a daily basis.
I am specialized in cooking Austrian (Viennese) cuisine. If you wish, you will eat delicious foods of Austria with my culinary bouquet of favorite Austrian dishes, the land of “The Sound of Music”.
I will also gladly cook Vegetarian Austrian cuisine for you and by request, many foods and flavors of the Americas are available as well as many other European and some Asian cuisine. Also available is cuisine in the Zone Diet and Atkinson Diet, as well as Weight Watchers.
I have a wide variety of Austrian menus, from the simplest of comfort food to the grandest of gourmet delights. You will love them all!

I can also customize my menus for almost any situation. Your requests are always welcomed!
I use the freshest and best ingredients available to me!
I do all the shopping, cooking, packaging, and cleanup.
I am cooking for over 30 years and I have a passion for it. I will take this passion into your home and share the love of fine food with you!
I will bring Oma’s ‘home cooking’ into your home again.
I will deliver outstanding personal service.